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Refrigerated transport

Fish & Meat

Secure fish and meat transportation across europe

Our refrigerated transport company specializes in providing professional transportation services for fish and meat businesses across Europe. With a wide range of transport solutions and experienced staff, we ensure that your products are transported safely and efficiently at the right temperature. Contact us today to discuss your refrigerated transport needs.

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Requirements and conditions

The requirements and best conditions for transporting meat and seafood involve temperature control, hygiene, packaging and timing. Failure to meet these requirements can result in significant loss of inventory and potential health hazards.


The transportation container must be clean, sanitized, and free of any contamination that can be a potential source of a health hazard. That is why FRIGOR EXPRESS keeps its hygiene standards very high and all our depots are equipped with own truck wash where vehicles are thoroughly cleaned after each journey.

Temperature control

Experienced drivers of FRIGOR EXPRESS make sure your freight of fish and meat is transported under temperature-controlled conditions, keeping the temperature between -1°C to 4°C or frozen up to -18°C.

Also, we can easily combine chilled and frozen product consignment in our multi-temperature trailers. By means of partitions we create various cooling zones which allow us to carry smaller consignments in groupage transport.


Fresh meat and seafood must be transported as quickly as possible after processing or picking to prevent spoilage. Our vehicles are manned with two drivers to make sure your fresh or frozen goods arrive on time. We are able to deliver your goods from the Benelux to Southern Europe or vice versa in just one day.

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