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Refrigerated transport

Top-quality refrigerated transport for your business

At FRIGOREXPRESS, we understand the importance of safe and reliable transport for your perishable goods. That’s why we offer top-quality transport services for businesses of all sizes, providing you with peace of mind and efficient solutions for all your refrigerated transport needs.

We are an expert in transportation of perishable goods and products that require temperature-controlled environments to maintain their freshness and quality by securing the coldchain.

What can we transport?

We transport food items like fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and seafood, flowers and plants as well as pharmaceutical products, and other temperature-sensitive materials.

Fruits & Vegetables

Transport and careful handling of fruits and vegetables freights applying cold chain transportation.

Fish & Meat

Transport of fresh and frozen goods in the most optimal conditions, with constantly monitored temperature.

Flowers & Plants

Quick delivery under the right temperature- and humidity conditions and top-notch handling of flowers and plants

Temperature controlled fleet

FRIGOREXPRESS boasts a modern fleet of refrigerated trucks with temperature-controlled environments that range between -25°C to +25°C, depending on the type of product being transported. The temperature is closely monitored and controlled during the transport process to ensure the products are delivered in optimal conditions.

Ready to get your cargo moving?

Keep your perishable goods fresh and delivered on time with Frigorexpress. Trust our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment for worry-free cold transport. Contact us now for a personalized quote.

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