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Cruise logistics

Cruise logistics: your temperature-controlled solution at sea

At Frigorexpress we recognize the unique challenges that come with supplying the cruising world, especially when it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Whether you’re stocking up on gourmet ingredients or medical supplies, our specialized Cruise Logistics service ensures they reach you in pristine condition.


What we offer

Temperature-controlled transportation

Our fleet of state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled trucks guarantees that your goods remain at the desired temperature, from departure to delivery.

Tailored supply solutions

We cater to the specific needs of cruise ships, ensuring that perishables, from fresh seafood to pharmaceuticals, are delivered in optimal condition.

Optimal route planning

Leveraging cutting-edge software and extensive industry experience, we chart the most efficient routes to ensure timely deliveries.

Safe and timely deliveries

Our extensive network of transport partners and a proven track record means you can count on us for the safe and punctual arrival of your supplies.

Embark on a cooler journey with us.

Leave the logistics of temperature-sensitive supplies to us, and concentrate on delivering unmatched experiences to your passengers. Reach out today and discover how Frigorexpress can elevate your cruise operations.

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